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Time is as often friend as foe. It flows steadily. Never ending. We can tell ourselves that it is an illusion. That only “Now” exists. But that’s a half truth. Now is the only place we exist but we live in a progression of time. In our human form we have a beginning and an end. We are born, we live, we die. What happens in between is a combination of circumstances and events guided by will or careless indifference and interpreted by intention and understanding or misunderstanding.

I chose to embrace that knowledge some time back. To acknowledge that I had a beginning. That this body will at some point fail. That how I live now is entirely up to me. Not everyone gets that choice. Some are born into short and brutal lives. Some never get the chance to live at all.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I see glimpses from time to time. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the arms of my Beloved. Compassionate days that flow into passionate nights. A flow of energy between us that builds and shares and expands. Perpetual. Timeless.

I want those things.

Time, however, often chooses the pace and, thus, can affect the quality of Now… if we allow it to. Plans made need to be shuffled again and again before they can be implemented and even then I must remain flexible to last second alterations.

This is where I am now: Making the best of unexpected changes. Unexpected changes making the best of me. Guiding the future with intention and understanding with one difference, mutual desire.

Not the base and often destructive sexual or sensual desire of immature love, though certainly that exists, how can it not? I do desire the physical connection of my lover. Intensely. More than that, however, is the desire to give and receive love. Physical. Emotional. Psychological. Spiritual. To create something together under the guidance of those intentions of compassion, connection, union, care, growth, and so much more that I so often describe as simply “love and gratitude” and through those intentions build something lasting. Eternal. Timeless.

Today the flow of Now across which time passes and at the edge of which I exist is both friend and seeming foe. It prevents immediate satisfaction of our goals. Blocks access to the woman I love. But every second that passes brings me ever closer to her and to Divine Union with her. In this it can only be considered friend.

I could focus on the obstacles or focus on the goal. The choice is made easy by these facts:

The obstacles are temporary.

Love is timeless.

I choose love.



Image: from the “Timeless” series by Moe Shirani


  1. First of all, I do have a life outside of replying to your posts! This is beautiful and so poignant. I visited with a patient in hospice this morning. The progression of time was so apparent. The timing of your post on Time is perfect. Everything you state about past and future are fact. I would add, to live in just this moment does not always leave room for the many wonderful possibilities that we can look forward to in the future. To live just in this moment leaves out the wonderful, beautiful memories of the past. Yet – we definitely should experience right now and this moment as completely as we can; that it may be a beautiful memory that builds wonderful possibilities in the future.

    • Oops, your post is more about the timelessness of change, but your first paragraph about time and its linear progression struck me. Obviously. I love working with people who are transforming. Transformation takes acknowledging past, present and future. And of course, change. 🙂

    • To allow the experiences of the past and the hopes for the future to have effect, without holding hostage, the eternity of the moment is to experience, in my opinion, a truer sense of Now than to disregard those extensions of time. We are the sum of our parts and our parts exist across all directions of time. Even into the unknown.

      I have found that focusing on time as a course upon which we have some control over I am able to view even the obstacles of time as beneficial since they invariably lead to an acceptance of timelessness and our nature as timeless beings living in a temporary human condition and can then apply that sense of timelessness to my life, my actions, my plans and goals, and my intentions.

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