What is A Caravan of One?


A Caravan of One started out as a place to write about my love of hiking, backpacking, and all things outdoors with the intention of adding personal and learned philosophy and spirituality when I found the time. As it turns out time is not something you ever find, it’s always just there, so I got off my ass (after some delicious prodding from people who suggested I write more) and here it is in all it’s unfinished glory.

“So why call it A Caravan of One?”

The name seemed to fit both my spirituality and my love of hiking, which I always seem to do alone.

“Do you have camels or something?”

No. But I am thinking of buying pack goats.

“I still don’t get it…”

Life is a journey. As often difficult as it is easy, painful as it is pleasurable, sad as it is joyful.

While on this journey we often feel alone but the truth is that everyone, everyone on the whole planet, is on a journey and everyone on the planet is not just part of the same family we are also connected as One.

One single unit with many arms and legs and heads and voices and opinions and tastes and loves and joys and pains and difficulties that is constantly crossing miles and miles of scorching desert from oasis to oasis.

I’ve learned a lot on this journey so I thought I’d share some of it.

“Okay, but why a caravan?”

As we say in the hiking community, “The journey is the destination.”

“I think you’re fucked in the head.”

Yeah. I get that.

The name was available and didn’t suck so I took it.

“Oh. Now that makes sense. Thank you.”

Whatever I can do to make your life better.


Join the Caravan. Share the Journey.




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