J M Greff lives near the Badlands of rural North Dakota, where he lives a simple and uncluttered life in which everything he owns has meaning and purpose.
He spends as much time as he can hiking and camping with his closest companion and travelling partner, Brown Dog, a fourteen year old Chow/Coyote and you can often find him far off the path in deep meditation on the side of a hill that has “called out” to him.
He has a unique style of story telling through prose and poetry as a way of sharing the lessons he has learned through many years of trial and error, deep introspection, and accumulated wisdom extracted from many paths of enlightenment and spirituality.
You can find him on Facebook as A Caravan of One, on Twitter as J_M_Greff, or on Instagram




All works, including fiction, prose, poetry, art, photography, literally everything on this site, unless otherwise noted, are from the mind of, and are copyrighted by, J M Greff


    1. Thank you 😊

      I’d say no fair handing out a hit and run compliment while hiding behind a mask but since it’s a Peaceful Ninja mask I can say with complete confidence that you are beautiful too ❀️



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