J.M. Greff offers poetry and writes about his life experiences, his passions, his mistakes, spirituality, philosophy, love, gratitude, living with intention, and pretty much anything that crosses his mind on his personal blog: A Caravan of One. You can friend or flame him on Facebook, and catch up with him on Twitter or Instagram or on the Mobile Caravan, a place where all members can share their journey and where all his wanderings are collected in one place.



    • Thank you 😊

      I’d say no fair handing out a hit and run compliment while hiding behind a mask but since it’s a Peaceful Ninja mask I can say with complete confidence that you are beautiful too ❤️

      • Almost 4 years later, I’m just now seeing this. I must’ve felt really brave telling a strange man on the internet that I thought he was beautiful….but, looking at your site again, I agree with my past brave self.

      • In that case, I think we were both more brave then, because I have not written much since.

        Time plays witness to many truths 🙂

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