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Tag: Intention

Solutions are closer than they appear

It seems to me that the solutions to our problems often already exist and are within our control. We just need to step away from the problems long enough to see them and to listen. #Understanding #Awareness #Acceptance #Self #Intention #LivingIntentionally #Human Nature #Learning #Mindfulness #SoulSearching #ACaravanOfOne #jmgreff

The Paywall of Life

When you find yourself feeling like my friend, well, you’ve essentially hit a paywall and the story hidden behind it, the part you can’t get to, is life.

Hold on loosely

When I was just a child, a period of my life that lasted far longer than you might think and transitioned directly into the “old dude” (or “Wise Sage” as […]

Unlearning: Take Two

If I am ever to reach my goal of becoming a Good Human then I need to become more aware of how my words and actions affect others.