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Tag: Truth

I tell you anyway

A poem about fear and fearlessness, acceptance and surrender, the inner self, and human nature. #fear #fearless #acceptance #surrender #InnerSelf #HumanNature

Who I am isn’t

who I am isn't #jmgreff #acaravanofone #now #iam #whoiam #whoami #surrender #acceptance


I close my eyes, breathe, let go, and shine.

time zones

time has stopped it is 7:30 not my time hers the simple math makes her older the experience makes me younger what we feel makes us eternal


  up in the morning before the sun rises      too early too fucking early lately it seems unwilling to disperse clouds covering this ravaged land in wet blankets […]

Hold on loosely

When I was just a child, a period of my life that lasted far longer than you might think and transitioned directly into the “old dude” (or “Wise Sage” as […]

Out of sight

There. Just beyond the dirty truck that pays my wages. Beyond the pump jack that draws the oil in homage to greed. Beyond the quarry I load rock from to […]