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Change is the only constant. Change happens. Which is just a nice way of saying shit happens. But change itself is neither “good” nor “bad”. It is simply change.

Sometimes that change is small, easy to deal with; a fender bender, a missed appointment. Other times it is larger and affects us in unforeseen ways; the work season, already too slow, comes to a sudden halt leaving us worried, possibly near panic, about how we will survive. Sitll other times it is dramatic, profound; our home is blown away in a hurricane so massive it clears the land, burned in a wildfire so out of control that the smoke covers 5 states.

Though change itself is often out of our hands, where those changes lead us is almost always up to us.

Do I give in to the panic? The rage? The fear? Do we rebuild our homes? These are choices. The choices lead to decisions. The decisions, if based on intentions of love and gratitude rather than fear and panic, can lead to unexpected new places. New lives. New love. All of them of our choosing.

It’s okay to be angry with the Universe for these things, She’s used to it. No one wants their home destroyed or to lose their job after barely scraping by, but it’s important to look beyond those events to the possibilities and opportunities they open. New choices. New paths.

I am leaving North Dakota soon. Change has opened new doors for me. Opened my heart and my mind to a new life. I’ll be damned if I sit here and worry about what I don’t have when what I can have is so much more.

Know that whatever change you are facing, we all face it at some level, all of us. In that simple knowledge you are assured that you are not alone. Know also that no matter how insurmountable that change may feel it is simply the Universe saying “I love you. Time for something new.”

What that something is, is entirely up to you.

This change will be good because I will make it good.



  1. 💗
    Wishing you many blessings on your adventure!

    And you reminded me of something I read on Elephant by Courtney Dunn:
    S – self-compassion
    H – humor
    I – introspection
    T – thankfulness
    (When this is the filter we gaze through, I think everyone could use some “S.H.I.T.” in their life 😊)

  2. I feel like I am playing hide and seek with change. Things around me change, but in the grand scheme I don’t have to, but the changes that are happening around me have significantly changed my life. Seems like a message that it is time for me to change what is happening in my life, but here is the seek part, I don’t have a clue what direction is to be explored. I am reminded of your earlier post about standing on the edge of a cliff in total darkness… I suppose the thing to do is take the first step. Faith, right?

    • Faith is always the first step but in your case I’d suggest Acceptance. Acknowledging that change is already happening around you is half the effort. Accepting that you are part of that change, caught up in it, is the other part. Sometimes we step off that cliff without ever knowing. Where you go is always up to you. Looking for answers to that question from others is fairly pointless. Only you know where it is you want to be. Point yourself in that direction and skip or run or trudge ever forward 🙂

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