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a moment in eternity


you are in the kitchen
while I sit in silence in the other room
releasing my thoughts
and the energy that carried me through the day
soft music plays
a bluesy roughness
with hypnotic beat
that draws me near
I come up behind you
pull you close
kiss your neck
pull you close while touching you gently
with purpose
my hand raises to your heart
the focus of my attention
as I lightly caress the base of your spine
I offer the life that flows
from your heart to mine
expand on it
return it to each chakra
one by one
as I whisper love
reassure you
guide our energy with my hand
as I reach Vissudha
I replace my hand, now moved to your belly, with a kiss
then lower my hand to your pelvis
seeking pleasure and finding it there
I rest my head against yours
seeing Ajna light up
feel our crown, now joined,
freely pass our energy back and forth between us
a perpetual, growing light
as I breathe you in
feeling you fill me
and returning it
to fill you
with a peaceful calm
with life
with love
I hold you close
this is but a moment in eternity



  1. Beautiful moments to dream. When the Love (with a capital “L”) permeates everything around you. The air you breath, the dish in your hand, the water you are washing dishes in, the towel I am using to dry the dishes you wash… followed by the day of purpose. Coming back together in the evening, sharing dreams, kisses and more of the permeating Love that shines like the sun, that penetrates everything. *Everything*.

    • The really beautiful and amazing thing about thoughts like this, and the actions and intentions that they come from, is that while they are best expressed directly they are just as effective at distance. I know she feels it wherever she is.

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