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Myth and Legend


She speaks to me of greatness
An unremembered gospel
A living myth
In the same terms
I speak to her
As she is;


Together we are Legend

Image: Unknown. Came up in a search for Selene and is named “Impoi”. A search turned up nothing. Beautiful work. I’d love to give it credit. Possibly Frank Howell.


  1. It is wonderful to have the old stories to refer to. To help us understand ourselves, our relationships and what is happening around us. To give fuel to our dreams and to paint our experiences. To write our own stories. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for myths and legends. It is exciting to see them born.

    • The moon goddess, Selene, so loved a human, a shepherd named Endymion, that she put him to perfect sleep for fifty years so she gaze upon him. When he awoke they joined and she gave birth to many gods and goddesses and are together still. She is the ancient version of Ashera. They are literally the parents of all modern (read: post Roman) deities. Selene is also the goddess of rhe harvest, of love, and of bards and poets. It is to she that I make all pleas to manifest in human form. The poem is not to her in both her Divine and human form 🙂

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