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Wish you were here

How I wish you were here.

Or I there with you.

Not this distance.

This painful punishment of purpose.

Unfair actions of the Universe

creating love at distance.

Impossible miles

increased by insurmountable odds

of our own creation.

Of my creation.

The price paid

for becoming me.

Damn this misfortune.

This condemnation.

The Divine has no right.

If love is her intention

then why the obstruction?

Seething with silent melancholy

I step to the mirror

and gaze at that man.

See beyond those feelings.

Beyond the frustrations.

Beyond the need for blame.

I am sure.


I am loved.

I am servant to the Divine,

and have served her well,

this is not punishment.

Not misfortune.

Not condemnation.

Those are words

that describe how I feel.

They come from within.

Not from the Divine

whose only purpose is Love

and creation.

I will the miles to evaporate.

Command the distance to dissipate.

Speed the flow of time.

Increase the range of my love

to envelop even from here

my love so far away

and a life I have yet to live

knowing that we will succeed.

But still,

I wish you were here.


  1. When you are finally brought together to be with your love, I’m willing to bet that you’re going to be the type of couple that others aim to be like … Genuine, powerful, spiritual, passionate, adoring, and just plain ole’ sweet. You’re going to be very blessed to have each other. 💜

    • I do always try to find the golden lining, never to be drawn in by the pain or confusion of any situation. I don’t always succeed. Not right off, anyway. But in retrospection I succeed far more often than I fail. It is a matter of perspective.

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