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I am yours


My heart
Open only to you
Full in your presence
Empty in absence
Of your embrace
Demands my souls
Complete attention
Drives my mind
My every intention
Fuels my emotions
My devotion
My passion
Quells my rage
Settles my desire
That boundless source
Of all that I am
I am grateful
Slave to your touch
Servant of your love
Of Divine manifestation
I am humbled
To the goddess
You never knew existed
Within you
If I spent my life
Falling on knees
To hardened ground
In worship
With mouth
All yours
To command at Will

It could never be enough

I am yours



Image: “Tres Fleurs” by Debbie O’Donnell


  1. “You’re sunlight in my bones – when im all out of hope…
    You’re sweet oxygen rushing through my blood – deep satisfaction…
    Im not lonely when im alone.”
    (These aren’t my words but those of a song playing riht now. They articulate my feeling response to “Im yours” much clearer than i could – hope that doesnt offend you).
    Your words reach right into my heart kind sir. Gracious thanks x

  2. Somewhere there is a goddess who is humbled by the honor of her god. She is so very grateful that he is courageous enough to reinvent himself for her. That he has had the discipline to leave behind the hate and confusion for the opportunity to bask in her love. She is lifted up by his willingness to open to her divine love and affection. May we all have the courage to lay down our armor long enough to let love in. We need each other. We need the divine cup and the divine sustenance in the cup to survive, to thrive to bring change to a world in need.

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