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Imagine Peace

Imagine Peace”, the card says.

It is a simple message with much deeper meaning.

I often complicate the simplicity of the action by overthinking. By overreaching. Peace is a global hope but a personal commitment. It always begins with our Self. With strangers at the grocery store. Cashiers at the gas station. Our coworkers, friends, family.

I imagine peace residing in me, ready to spread like a virus to anyone I come in contact with. I sneeze peace on others. I exhale it. It slips off my fingers when I touch someone.

But it has to live inside me first. If I do not have peace within then how can I spread it? And I must lovingly care for it, nourish it, for it to bloom.

“Imagine Peace”, the card says.

I’m trying.

Image by the author. Print by Yoko Ono.

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