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Super Snow Moon – February 19


Here we are at the gateway of another super moon and the first one we can really look forward to in some time.

It builds off the good luck the new moon brought and brings with it a sense of liberation and freedom without any real downside. It is a time for change, for love and romance, for dreams and success.

If you’ve been wanting to take a risk or spice up your life, particularly your sex life, with passion and spontaneity and a little kink, now is the time to do it.

While I would rarely suggest following the instincts of a lowered inhibition this would be a great time to shake those chains loose, let your hair down, and go for it because this sort of freedom is too rare to let pass you by and you will be nearly guaranteed pleasant results.

Out of the bed it’s also the perfect time to push ahead with those projects left to collect dust for so long or begin those that you felt were out of your reach because you’ll get a good enough start that continuing what you begin within the next two weeks will be made easier by the effort.

This is a time of companionship, real love, compassion, commitment, loyalty, passion, lucid dreams, psychic prowess, adventure, excitement, and positive change on all fronts.

Whatever it is, go for it!



Image from “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans” (1927)


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