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Fierce grace/fruitful darkness


I fear
one day
I will be swallowed by
the things that threaten
to annihilate
and obliterate
the man
I’ve worked so hard
not to be

that in accomplishing my
I will be left
with the mistakes I’ve made
along the way

that in attempting to
something I will never be
I will become
just a shell
filled with good intentions

that I will
through misdirection
mislead another
and make their life
in my attempts
to make it better

that in attaining
by accident alone
all that I strive
to become
I will lose the chance
to reach higher
never becoming
all that I may ever be

and in that dark place
a place I’ve come to know
too well
I find solace
if I reach for it in faith
in the depths
a peace that envelops
with the utterance of
a single word
spoken with firm conviction

I am
who I am
meant to be
exactly where
I’m supposed to be
going exactly where I need to be

I close my eyes and let go

all will be well

Video: “If I was a Warrior” by Trevor Hall


  1. I just had a conversation over the weekend about how we are all perfectly ourselves. My partner in conversation said, “even with all our imperfections.”

    As I have reflected on this I want to say again, we are *perfectly* ourselves. We needn’t look at our idiosyncrasies as imperfections. Without them we are not the person we are meant to be. Some imperfections have a more substantial impact on the people around us than others, but still it is in those imperfections that we learn and develop our ego so our souls can shine through. We learn forgiveness of ourselves and of others.

    Our fruits are meant to be different. Like all fruits some are sweet grapes, some apples and some are lemons, yet all are wonderful in their own unique way!

    As much as I hate (I do mean hate) pain in myself or others, life would be pretty boring if we were all perfect.

    You are loved 🙂

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