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Full Moon in Pisces


I step into the frigid air. My breath a misty apparition. The morning is lit by the warm blue glow of the full moon. Huge and bright.

This is the Corn Moon. Black Moon Lilith. Selene in the house of Pisces aligned with Neptune.

It is a time of deep spiritual growth, creativity, expectancy, forgiveness. The Divine Feminine is within reach, her hands outstretched. Now is the time to claim your rightful place in her loving embrace.

It is a time where should haves and might haves need to be put aside. When all those things that have been viewed as wishes and dreams are simply done.

Your soul is speaking loud and clear of passion and unity. It wants you to be the best you possible.

Listen to it.

Let its voice become yours.

Let this blessed full moon be a sign of how full your life can be.




      • Mmm… yes. Being open to what is offered and try not to be greedy! I’m grateful, but sometimes I do want so much more. I guess this is the goddess giving me small tastes of what is to come, gratitude seems like to passive a word.

      • Gratitude is an action. A way of living. Enjoying a frigid blast of arctic wind on my cheek. The musty smell of composting leaves on a hot and humid day. The blisters on my feet after walking ten miles. gratitude in all things and for all things.

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