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Is all that matters
It wakes me in the morning
Sets me on my path
Gets me through my days
Keeps me warm on coldest nights
Sends me miles from nowhere
To somewhere
Makes a home
Where a dream rested
Makes a life
Where hope is tested
Makes me full
When I’m hungry
Heals me
When I am unwell
Welcomes me
At all hours
In all places
In all ways
Whether I travel in the company of passion
Or reside in the solitude of self
Whether desire is by my side
Or the isolation I abide
It is always with me
Once given


    • Thank you, Shelley 🙏

      I think I spend a little more time on it. Clean it up and fill it out. I just sort of wretched it up last night before going to bed and scheduled it to post this morning without any edits.

  1. Wretchings good sometimes. Has its place. Which isnt to diss a more considered version… Its a fine line – the artists Will versus divine inspiration…🙏

    • Very true. I always stay close to the inspiration when editing. I just think this one has potential I should try to reveal so I’ll explore it a bit and see what happens.

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