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Flower Moon

calla moon

In a few days I will be loading up my car once again and heading North for a short while. The decision isn’t an easy one, there are many reasons for me to stay put; this is my home, my heart belongs here, I belong here.

But it is something I need to do if I am to continue forward on my chosen path.

I wasn’t aware of the Astrology involved when I made the decision to briefly return to North Dakota, but I am not at all surprised to see such strong energies in play.

May 29 the moon falls in Sagittarius and will rest between the Heart of Scorpio (Antares) and the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran, which rises under the influence of Gemini.

It is the Flower Moon. A time of growth when the flowers bloom. A time to expand your thinking and extend your will, to learn new things, explore new places, take steps to improve yourself, and be open to opportunity. If you want a different life, a better life, then this is the perfect time to do something about it.

Truly, I could not have chosen a better time.

I have loose ends to tie up. Most of what I own was left in storage there, including my camper van and boat, and those things are dividing me, delaying my progression, holding me back. In order to move forward they, and the past that the situation represents, must be dealt with.

I have given myself a budget to work with and schedule in which to achieve attainable goals and when I return I will be fully present. Undivided. That will make my next steps easier and more meaningful.

It feels a little like I’m going backwards, and in a way I am, but sometimes in order to go forward one must take a couple steps back to settle the past. 



Image: “Calla Moon” by JMGreff



  1. Oh wow….all the very best to you on your next step, I love your vulnerability & ability to express it. Love the astrology information, thank you. I hope you are able to keep writing while you are at your new destination, I always enjoy your posts. Be & keep well, Tara. (on laptop, no emojis!!)

  2. I’m always shocked to see how I fit into astrological predictions! I am feeling stuck. I need to move forward and have been working at pushing through the inertia to find the change I desperately need. As always, it gives me hope to see others working through these things and moving forward.

    • We are formed from the same particles as stars. It is only natural that we be effected by things outside our immediate sphere of influence in the same way the moon tugs at our oceans or a neutron star magnetically charges particles.

      Today there is a very positive energetic influence on us. Use it 🙂

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