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Shit Happens


There are basically only two Paths in life: Reactive and Proactive.

The Consequential Life is primarily an Unconscious Path. Shit happens and you instinctualy respond. How you respond dictates where the Path leads you. This is Reactive.

The Intentional Life is a Conscious Path. Shit happens and you choose your response. Other times shit happens because of your choices. Your intention and the choices you make that arise from your intent guide you on the Path. You guessed it, Proactive.


Either method is a choice. We either choose to be aware or we choose to go through life with eyes and mind closed.

Most people live a reactionary life. Here’s a few examples of living a reactionary life while on an unconscious path:

  1. A goat shits on your path. Step in in, rub it in your face, sleep in it, don’t wash it off. “Good things come to those who suffer.”
  2. A goat shits on your path. Make a shit sandwich and eat it in silent gratitude. “What good things?”
  3. A goat shits on your path. Its a sign! A goat has been here. Hang around and pray for its return so it can be sacrificed. “Good things come to those who wait.”
  4. A goat shits on your path. Its a sign! The path is unclean because you have sinned. “Sinners don’t get good things…until they die.”

I’ve known many people who suffered to the end and gained nothing. Known people who turn their backs on the good things in their lives because they can’t believe they either deserve them or that they exist at all. And I’ve never met a person who didn’t feed themselves…. something.

Personally, however, I prefer a proactive/conscious way of living:

When a goat shits on your path I say gather it up, mix it with sand and straw, and make bricks to smooth the path. Or mold menagerie from it, bake them in the sun, and give them as gifts. Or use it in a floral arrangement. Or turn it into incense.

There must be a million great things to do with goat shit and none of them have anything to do with moral causality or a reckoning of the scales.

What it comes down to is this; if you can’t find a good use for it, simply walk around it.

In the end, its a goat doing what a goat does. It shits. And shit happens.


  1. So, the goat that shit on my path this week was my boss. Having had enough of her criticism and lack of appreciation I walked out. I walked out in anger but was aware of what I was doing and I’m interested in what new opportunities will come my way now……. or not and that’s the risk but right now I do query my anger and my inability to converse ‘politely’’ with her on this matter. Do you think everyone really is a mirror for us? Because if so, ouch! On a side note I’m thrilled you crossed the country, drove into a hurricane to be with your love✌️💜

    • I find the mirror is usually specific actions, traits or comments that irritate me that reflect the doubt in myself. (Double ouch!) Not a whole situation or personality. At the same time, I am stupidly attached to and adamant about defending my values, which are mostly based on treating people with compassion and respect. For me, it often is a mirror yet it can reflect any of about a million perspectives. There have been times when it has been years before I recognize the reflection of myself in a situation. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten quicker at figuring these things out. I hope my perspective is helpful. No doubt, Mr. Greff will be more eloquent in his explanation. 🙂

      • Thankyou so much Earthen Inspiration for responding. I am also attached to the values of treating people with compassion and respect, and I like that attachment! I appreciate your insight and eloquence 😊

    • Everyone we meet in life reflects ourselves in different ways. Sometimes they mirror the good. Other times the not-so-good. What they mirror is as much a reflection of their own self as of us. It is a reflection of their choices. Your choice was to reflect frustration expressed, like a pressure release valve, as anger. Theirs was to instigate that frustration.

      Anger, on it’s own, is not a bad thing. It can be a vehicle for change. A nation rises up in anger against it’s politicians and regains control. How that anger is expressed can be a bad thing. The people riot and murder or they choose to employ methods of civil disruption. Civil war or peaceful takeover. These are extremes, of course, but the same principals apply. You leave with a smile or get thrown out after punching your boss is the nose.

      It sounds like you chose a middle ground. Good for you. Much better than a punch in the nose.

      Now use that anger as focus for positive change. It is very easy to bathe in the rage. To allow it consume. There’s a lot of energy in anger. You may as well use it to gain something better.

      • Thankyou so much for your response, I’m settling into the feelings still and each day is different. Mostly though when I stop criticizing myself 😁 I feel sweet relief and curiosity about different potentials, opportunities & experiences. Thankyou again ✌️

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