One with you


A promise spoken to the wind
Flowing across the miles
Past open meadows
Concrete and steel
Forest and mountain
To rest on your lips
A thousand miles away

Two candles in the dark
Lighting the path to the other
Clearing the way
As they glide through the darkness
Uniting in the night
Lighting the way for others

Two drops of rain
Meeting in an ocean of awareness
Separate in the fall
Unique amongst them all
Joining there
With all that ever was
And ever will be

One with you


Image: “Zeitgest 1” By Dana Lynn Anderson


  1. The art is fantastic. So much color and vibrancy. A very apt reflection of your poem 🙂

    As usual – nourishing food for my mind as well!


    1. I love this image. I will often spend as long searching for he right image as for the right words. I’m a little disappointed that the site, and art site showing works of their students, neglected to name the artist.


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