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It’s 3:33 am. The witching hour.

There’s a lot of nonsense that goes along with numbers. Especially repeating numbers. Among the nonsense are some very few truths.

Truth #1 – 3:33 am is too damn early to wake up – I don’t care who or where you are, this, I believe, comes as close to a universal truth as I can imagine. Right next to “stubbing your barefoot toe on a raised piece of sidewalk sucks ass”.

Truth #2 – 3:33 am is the witching hour – This truth is best taken with a grain of salt or, if you have high blood pressure, with a graham cracker and a glass of goat milk – Historically, it is the time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. When dreams are best shared or traveled. When the spirits of other planes are most easily contacted. Don’t ask me why this is, I have never found a reasonable explanation, but it is the time when most serious occultists do their most serious work. It’s when I do my own work, like this piece, and other… stuff.

Truth #3 – Waking at specific times or noticing specific times when glancing at a clock is a way for the subconscious (read: NOT angels) to pass messages to the conscious. We make connections to these inferences and interpretations in our waking hours and our subconscious, which is a far better keeper of time than we give it credit for, tells us, “Hey, Nimrod, look at the clock. It’s 11:11. Time for a change. Maybe get off yer ass and follow through on your workout goal or something useful, eh?”

I get that number a lot.

So here it is, 3:33 am, or it was when I first woke anyway, now it’s like 5:20, which is 4:20 somewhere, which is a whole different number, and to be honest I’m a little confused because I have never (consciously) agreed on the meaning of 3:33 so I have no idea what message my subconscious is sending me except this: It’s too damn early.


And now it’s too late to go back to bed… maybe it is witches.



  1. Thank you for that! I needed to start my day off with a laugh. For the record, I completely agree, 3:33 is absolutely too freaking early! A numerologist might suggest that 3:33 means you are about to begin your life with the love of your life and begin a new family. 😉

    As to angels… Why not? Maybe your guides have a fantastic sense of humor and think you needed to wake up at this time and give someone a good chuckle as soon as she opens her email. However, I have always been under the impression that 12:00 am was the witching hour. The time when the veil was thinest… ah well, so much for assumptions. We are all so different why not different times of connection with the divine? Wait, we’re all very much the same, too.

    Now I’m confused, but I haven’t stepped in cat throw up today.

    • No day is complete without cut puke 🙂

      I’m not denying the possibility of angels, only that they generally don’t speak in riddles… that’s a very human trait 😉

      I do appreciate the numerology interpretation though: 3=transition/change/travel/spiritual awakening, 33=to be a Master Healer and to bring forward a higher form of love to the world, 333=big transition/a move/The main message when you see 333 is that the Ascended Masters are responding to you – to your thoughts, intentions, actions, desires, and endeavors.” (http://feliciabender.com/numerology/repeating-number-333/)

      All true <3 

      • Oh, I cleaned up cat puke when I got up this morning and cleaned it up when I got home from work. I just didn’t step in it. That was yesterday. So, my day started off with that box checked. :-/

        I think, angels, guides, etc. do have a sense of humor. At least mine seem to! I ask for guidance and I’m told, “We don’t want to insult you by telling you what you will do.” While that may very well be the case, I am asking for a little something here. I can feel them smiling as they say it. With humor.

        😀 Yeah, see? They made me type that… 😉

  2. Oh my goodness … Reading that at 6:30AM before having coffee just made the need for a nap much greater than it was five minutes ago! 😄

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