I am speechless
Not without words
They come too fast
Too many
To capture more than a few
I catch but snippets
Like lines from long forgotten songs
Begging to be sung again
Though they are songs I’ve never sung
Belonging to a life I’ve never led

“I long to feel the dance of our souls
To hear the mixing of our song…”
“… raised to heights
Of intense delights ..,”
“My lips pressed to yours
Our tongues touch and taste and tease …”
“… until infinity passes and we begin again…”

They come in flashes
Strobes of insight
Waves of passion
A flood of desire
that drowns out the words with its roar
and leaves me speechless in its wake



Image: from the Basal Roman Font Digitizations Project by the P22 Type Foundry




  1. Love this. I was just writing about the ideas, thoughts and words that swirl around my head a couple of days ago.

    Stampeding each other in an effort to be let loose. About half of them step on my feet as the try to run, fly; about half of those kick me in various places. Yet I love them all in some way. The intention behind them is almost always good. 😊


    Liked by 1 person


    1. I’ve spent the last couple days trying not to influence my thoughts by blindly posting disconnected ideas. To allow my intentions time to gain focus so I can express them intelligibly. Obviously I have not gotten there yet 🙂



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