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While I Wait for You


bed empty room


I don’t know you
not yet
but while I wait for you
not abandoned
not incomplete
not unworthy
but deserving
I will love myself
like I want to be loved

it is in my desire to be loved
that I have learned to love
so I will embrace my desire
to be loved by you

I will build my home
my life
my work
around your arrival
knowing that you
will one day join me

I will sing my song
at the top of my voice
from the highest perch I can find
like a solitary bird
in the highest limb
of the most dead tree
in an empty field
trebles its enticing
and inviting song
in search of harmony
you will hear

I will touch myself
in those places that need healing
through those cracks
and crevices
in my armor
that protect the deep wounds
and empower my Self
and in doing so
I will become the best
that complete body
and soul
and mind
that I can possibly become
knowing that you
are doing the same
while you wait for me

I will write of my passion
and fury
and great love of you
because in doing so
I will remind you that I am here
knowing that you will see my will in my words
my strength
my courage
my love
and you
my Beloved
will have so many stories to share
that Our Book
that divinely inspired chorus
written over the years
is but an introduction to volumes

I will practice Love on myself
until the day you arrive
knowing that you
will need me to love myself
as much as I
will need you to love yourself
only through loving ourselves
can we ever love another completely

if that day never comes
if I spend the rest of my time
writing about the passion
and unconditional love
I have for you
a love that threatens
to devour me
from inside
should it never find release
it will yet shine so brightly
that it shames the sun
should it never find a home in your heart
I will know
that I have loved you
as best I can
and I will still have spent my life
loving you




  1. Most beautiful most true! Your words are divine essence exposed to teach, to feel, to love, to grow! Belinda

    P.S. Steve said I should read your blog! I’m so happy he shared with me! Good to meet you also!

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