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Say Yes

A joyful kiss

I love the way your mouth moves
When you say “yes”
An unconsciously disarming smile
Curving at the corner of your kitten lips
Like a question mark
How could I ever say “no”
To that

You make it sound edible
Something so sweetly delicious
I salivate at the thought of it
I crave to taste
The tangy temptation
Of your “Yes”

And when you stretch it out
To make it last
Slooww like taffffy
I growl with desire
To devour those lusty lips
To answer the tasty question
With passion

And when you add “Sir”
Oh! When you add “Sir!”
In low and sultry pleasure
“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!”
Dusky throaty musky
Your nails trailing lightly
Up and down my spine
I get chills like fire
Igniting me
Bringing me home

All other words lose meaning
In the presence of your “Yes!”
Except “I”
And “love”
And “you”
Words that join and fill completely
The space between us

I must have you
Please say yes

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