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Two years ago today…

Double Rainbow

May 25, 2017 is the day the Caravan officially began it’s journey with my very first article, My Love is the Storm which was also published on Elephant Journal as I Will Love You Like the Storm.

It was a piece that embodied the way I feel about Love, with a capital “L”, not to be confused with the casual form found in statements like “I love chocolate.” I do love chocolate. But what I feel about my friends, my family, my Beloved, is Love.

It is an unstoppable force of nature with all the energy of a raging storm but it should never be feared. It is meant to be embraced fully and fearlessly and spread generously.

I still feel the same. I will always feel that way.

So today I want to thank all who have joined me on this incredible journey of discovery, Our Journey. And I welcome you to travel on with us as I try guiding this growing endeavor from oasis to oasis. Sometimes travelling on our own. Other times leading the pack. Always a community.

Thank you for being here. For supporting me even when I don’t have much to say and for knowing that I haven’t gone anywhere. The long dry spells are just part of the journey.

The journey continues!

Image by J M Greff.

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