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One Morning

it is 5 a.m.
the dark room is still
the air is sweet with you
I listen to you breathe
then shuffle and move
as you reach for the alarm
which has yet to go off
“You have to leave”
I know, My Love
but not yet
I slide in close
hold you in my arms
kiss your neck
“I love you”
Yes, Kitten, I love you too
an innocent giggle
and smiling eyes suggest
a reason for the early rise
lips press and linger
fingers play
belly bare receives kisses
as hands roam
kisses spread
breath deepens
body’s join
heart and soul to One
one thought
one breath
one passion
one love
one body in rhythmic motion
reaching for eternity
then joyous laughter
replaces deep sighs
stillness replaces motion
soft kisses are placed
soft words are spoken
soft bed is left behind
I dress and leave with one last kiss
as I go out the door
“Good morning, Love”
Yes it is

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