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A note about my recent posts

I know the reason most of you follow my posts here is because I unfailingly find good in even the most dire situations and that some of my more recent posts have been less than positive. This is done with intention.

I don’t talk as often about the difficulty and pain that comes before reaching those positive conclusions and in doing so I may be misleading or least sugar coating the pain that leads to those ends  but I don’t want to give others the impression that living a life of faith and hope, love and gratitude, is some sort of magic pill that makes everything easy.

There is no magic pill. No amount of meditation or breathwork or metta or exercise or healthy eating or yoga can change that. Life holds suffering for everyone. That is an inescapable fact. Nor would I want to escape it. There is a lot to be learned from suffering.

This is not to say that I actively pursue it. Just that I refuse to allow it to make decisions for me.

Having a positive outlook, living in faith, finding gratitude in even the most unbearable situations, are things that are cultured and nurtured. It isn’t natural instinct for any of us.

So here I am, in dire straights, and rather than share only the positive thoughts that are always there, even in the worst times, I have decided to take the opportunity in what I knew would be an extremely difficult and stressful situation and share those other things we all have in common and maybe in doing so I will be able to convey the methods I use to reach those positive ends.

I do feel pain. Fear. Anger. Self doubt. I am no different than you.

So stick it out with me on this journey. Stay tuned, as they say, and let’s find out together where this chapter leads. I have no doubt it will be someplace better!

Be well and know that you are loved.



  1. I’m really enjoying your posts. I haven’t commented as I didn’t want to post platitudes. I’m all about living life, knowing it involves good and bad, trials and tribulations. That’s when we gain perspective by living contrasts. I do however wish you all the very best and please continue to keep us posted. 🙌

    • Of course I will ❤️Thank you, Tara.

      I think life would be dull and provide very little experience to learn from without the contrasts and I’m grateful to have so many opportunities to learn, even if they do make me shake my head with a wtf now and then 🙂

  2. No words. If the wishes of others were concrete you would be in the house of your dreams with the situation you long for and you would never again have to worry about money. Ever.

    • If it were easy it probably wouldn’t be worth working for 🙂

      I’ll get there. The difficulty is the result of lacking direction, confidence, and support early in life. I didn’t know what I wanted so I did nothing. Of course it’s difficult now 🙂

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