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Sleep now, Love

Sleep now, Love
Forget the troubles of the day
Leave behind your worries
Fears and struggles
Fill your mind with memories
Of the pleasures that we share
With the joyful laughter
From the stories that we tell
Feel now only
The slight pressure
Of my hand upon your neck
Drawing you back
As I kiss you from behind
And whisper in your ear
Lay here next to me, Love
Let the fingers of my soul
Melt into you
Let our breathe
And the beating of our one heart
Become a song
That makes the gods weep
In envy of our humanity
Let our bodies touch
With hot serenity
Keeping passion kindled
To burn again at dawn
And as we drift, Love
Let our dreams weave together
A peaceful tale
Where the horizon
Never ending
Lit by both
The sun and moon
Is filled with colors
And we float among the clouds
Sleep now, Love
I am here






  1. I often refer to the Divine as “Love”. When I read this with that perspective… Wow! Not that the divine necessarily needs us in that way, but if we could embrace the divine with this kind of intention? Wow!!!!

    Wouldn’t the world be a different place?

    • While this was not written from that perspective my own relationship with the Divine is not so different. I get the distinct impression that it wants to be loved with passion and compassion <3

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