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Words revisited

Some time back I set myself the unexpectedly difficult task of setting poetry to a list of words gathered from readers as well as from my own list of loved words. Words like “passion” and “joy” and “entwine”. This little piece evolved from that list of words and required constant editing because each word seemed to give birth, or shed light on, other words that were connected. It grew, large and unwieldy. What follows is the latest edit of that poem reduced to a manageable size that, I hope, makes sense while staying on task.


So long I waited
My life spent in beautiful surrender
In anticipation
Of you
How I longed
To hold you in my arms
Knowing you existed
Without ever knowing your name
To touch you
To invite you close to me
To feel your heat next to mine
Like a slow fire
With hopeful desire
I waited
To share a lifetime with you
In romantic wonder
With mouthwatering dreams of us
How long I prepared
In fearless devotion
To kiss with passion
and gentle abandon
your exquisitely tender flesh
To taste your delicious spirit
Bathe in your intoxicating soul
To share my heart
With hopeful gratitude

Now you are here
Close to me
Laying right there next to me
Breathing softly
Singing your song with me
I am seduced by the sound of you
Awakened by the scent of you
Your body calling out to me
I reach out
and find you reaching back for me

We touch
and all I dreamed
is made real

Pulses quicken
Fingers entwine
Bodies join
You call out my name
With sweet moaning
Press your body next to mine
With tempered fury
Our souls connection
A perfect union
To light the sky
with joyful passion
Our sacred space
with intense pleasure
Our one heart
with Love
Throughout our days
and into the nights
I offer you love with thoughtful intention
and give myself to you

You are the gift
I never thought I deserved
The treasure of a lifetime
I am yours



    • Thank you, Gretchen. I’ve been so overwhelmed with words lately, words that accompany emotions, that come from passion, that are borne in my heart and take flight in my soul, that I’ve had a hard time putting them down. But I’m trying.

      • I’ve been there. So many words. Emotions. Feelings. And it’s strange to think that it’s actually difficult to put it down on paper. But it’s a wonderful feeling to be at a loss for words right now. And quite honestly, it might not get easier. It’s been 2.5 years with my love and I still find it challenging to put certain things down on paper. I feel like sometimes nobody will understand and that these must be new feelings that nobody else has ever experienced. But they have. These feelings and emotions that you explain are ones that I’m blessed enough to feel. I look forward to reading more as your relationship builds and you are able to find more words! ❤️

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