Hurry home, Love


I want you
I want you here
Lights dim
Candles lit
Soft music
No distraction
Unadulterated affection
Innocent seduction
Sexual and trusting
A word
A touch
A kiss
I want your breath on my neck
Your hands on my back
Your whisper in my ear
Your legs wrapped around me
Tell me, are you near?
Are you really coming here?
I reach out to touch you
Find you reaching back
Touching me
Touching you
So many things
Going through my mind
That come from places
Far beyond
Any I’ve ever travelled
Because they are places
that can not be travelled alone
Hurry home, Love
Hurry home


Image: “Sweet Summer” by Zana Soul



  1. So many of us feel this way. May we sustain each other through the “Now” till that future is Now.
    Virtual hugs to all of us waiting for our “you” to hurry home.


  2. Ahhh…that kind of yearning. That kind of fierce desire. That soul cry, that hunger, that thirst…..
    Yes, yes, yes.


    1. I wish my words could do the feelings that drive them the justice they deserve but feelings like that are difficult to capture. It’s good to know I’m getting close ❤


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