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with you


with tips of fingers
that trace your form
that play and dance
on naked flesh

with soul that sees
your perfect light
and delights
in your imperfections

with rise and fall
of each shared breath
that expands
our sacred union

with lips that taste
your mouth
your neck
your back
your inviting treasures

with skin on skin
I draw your near
press against
hold you close
as you take me in
with unhurried intention
unbridled affection
unbroken attention

with eyes locked
in silent praise
pupils expand
with clasping fingers
body raised
swell of fever
rhythm deepens
increasing pleasure
delicious moans
to joyful cry
of voice as One
to rapture!

then laughter

then whispers

and soft touch
with tips of fingers
that trace your form

How long will it take
I wonder
to memorize you

I pray it will take forever



Let me know what you think

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