Ravens Tears (art from 2008, poem from 2010)


A short poem I wrote to accompany this still unfinished mixed media painting I did in 2008.



With fragile hand
her heart is offered
through heavy shield
of history borne

While holding back
the love she offers
the Ravens Tears
do worlds become




  1. As something of an artist, I can understand this is unfinished; at the same time, as the onlooker there is a nice balance in the painting. It could be ready for a final treatment.

    The poem. So many interpretations can be made. Making up stories to fit my different interpretations could keep me entertained for some time.



    1. I keep thinking the best way to finish it is to toss is in a fire but resigning it to the junk box seems somehow more satisfying.

      The stories we create around these snippets are exactly what it is I’m trying to create. It is why I so seldom talk about where they come from.



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