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“Oh Lord, help me to be pure, but not yet.”
– Saint Augustine

No, not yet, not today

Today I want to take you in my arms
     plant kisses of fire
     on your neck and belly
I want to lift your dress 
     right here in the hallway
     let my hands seek pleasure
I want to press you against the wall
     explore your body
     with lips and tongue
I want to take you here
     now, to hell with the world
     no expectation of tomorrows
I want to turn you around
     pull you tight against me
     my breath on your neck
I want to tell you how it feels
     hear the sounds of passion  
     driving me on
I want this moment to last
     to exist outside of time and space
     all we’ve ever known
I want to freeze here 
     in passions flame 
     locked in your embrace
     an eternity of surrender

I can be pure tomorrow

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