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Second Hand Memories

Handmade messages of eternal love
“I will love you forever”
Reads the poorly made combination key rack and light bar
No doubt lasting as their love
Now headed for the dumpster within the hour

Old rolls of film
Family outings never processed
All the care that the diposable generation can muster
Is to offer those not-so-charished memories
To others who care even less

Miles of childrens toys
Neglected as the children they were meant to enthrall
Or encourage

Piles of lawn chairs
Purchased for family time
Backyard cookouts
Musty as the thoughts that bore them

Bikeracks for bikes
Bought for health
And left hanging from rafters

Pet taxis for Fifi and Rusty
Long gone
Never forgotten

And a sign that reads
“We will never forget”

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