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Tag: Understanding


I will flow follow the river find my way along the stoney shore and take root where root will take


bound I was by fear and myth and legend free I am by paths of my own invention not soft I came to the ends of my contention not hard […]


The Devil whispers quietly in the chilly morning breeze, My name is spoken silently amongst the ancient trees. In a voice so primitive, seldom heard, more seen by eyes that […]


falling falling falling another half of another half of another half an inch never landing not like the trees not like their roots only me in my jacket standing in […]

Will Be

Not ready Not ripe Not grown enough To take the hype Not prime Nor time Nor able yet To read the signs But I’m willing and able and learning to […]

I Could Tell You

Would you listen? Could you even hear the words? Of a place not far from now Of the person that will be Were I see your path Blindly I see […]


Peeling like leaded paint On broken boards Held by twine And good intention The suffering of the feeble mind That ridiculous infection of misdirection Bound by illusion And kept in […]

I am Here

I am here Always Without judgement Without seeking opportunity I will laugh with you Cry with you Sit in silence or howl at the moon with you Not because I […]