I am

I am the storm that scatters the sheep

The lightning that tears the field

The wind that screams and howls with the rage of a thousand armies

The rain that floods the home

That drowns the unprepared

That cleanses the battlefield

That nourishes the crops

That brings life

The rain that washes away the pain

I am the storm


Image: “Enlightenment” by Giorgio Vaselli


    1. Why a storm? Because if I said “I am a pleasant day” not only would it have no impact as a poem, it just wouldn’t be true. The Universe is in a constant state of barely controlled chaos and all things in it are connected through the underlying energy, THE vibration, that is Life itself. Storms are something we can all relate to. They are powerful and beautiful and potentially destructive but they always leave as much life behind as they ever take out. Life has a level of suffering to it. If God, the Creator, Allah, whatever name you choose for the Divine, is Life itself then the Divine also holds that same potential for pain and suffering but there is always balance. The storm floods both a home and a field at the same time. The house is destroyed but the field prospers.

      We are all part of the I AM, of God. The Universe would not be complete without us. It exists in all things and we exist in it. Ultimately we are as much God as lakes and mountains and planets and stars and storms. So the perspective is that of the I AM.

      There’s more, of course, but sometimes it’s just easier to write a poem than to go into the philosophy behind it 🙂

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    1. I was thinking more metaphysical on this one but tried to write it in a way that covered the spectrum so that the perspective taken is really that of the “observer”, so to speak. I really do think too much sometimes 🙂

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